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Hey New Year!

10 January 2013

The whole shift of organizing+purging in the New Year must have sunk, because I spent some time yesterday ogling items to organize my medicine cabinet.

Excitement, right? But honestly, when you live in a small house and you can make an area super efficient and organized, there is some thrill there.

And looking ahead, I have an upcoming haircut and am honestly pondering a bowl cut.


Possible mistake? Not sure, but isn’t the New Year also all about change? And of course its just hair.

My mind has been busy coming up will all sorts of art projects/concepts. I write the ideas down in my planner so I don’t forget. I feel like time is an obstacle though (which is truly is) but I also believe its been so long since I did art for art’s sake. Not for home decor, or holiday decor, or for my print shop. Just a painting or something interesting just for the sake of creating. And I’m sadly out of practice. But that is one of my top goals—to create more art this year. Time to dive in.