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Three Months On The Job

14 March 2012

Today Clive is three months old! A few weeks back I was making sure my diaper bag was up to snuff before an outing and found some newborn diapers at the bottom. I pulled them out and thought, ‘Whoa, doll diapers!’. I then gave them to Gem to play with and stuffed in a stack of Stage 2. But then I thought about him wearing those newborn diapers and how they used to drown him. The kid is growing up.

How I feel about having a baby is largely based on the amount of sleep I’m getting. If I’m reasonably rested and feel somewhat in control of my life then having a baby is awesome! What an experience! Gee whiz this is rather fun! But if I’m NOT well rested then I put Clive to sleep at night and hope he wakes up a one year old. Challenging my friends.

But my favorite parts—there are favorite parts! When he coos and talks its just like angel voices. I smile and get happy every time. And his wee little body is so cute! The dimpled hands! The toes like jelly beans! And I particularly like watching the interactions and love he gets from his dad and siblings. He is so loved by them! And of course when he smiles at me and acknowledges me I can’t help put feel important. Makes me think of this tearjerker of a commercial.

I feel fortunate to have had many sweet moments between us. There have been a few times when I have felt slightly hustled. You know, how everybody talks about how babies just eat and sleep and I would think,‘Show me this mythological child!! Where is this great sleeping baby!’, though the fact is Clive is a great night sleeper. Lately we usually get a solid 8 hour stretch, though I’d love naps to not be all over the place and only 45 minutes.

But I got to go easier on the kid. He’s pretty fabulous.